The Freezer filler

The Freezer filler


This Box Contains:

2 x 500g mince Beef

2 x 500g mince Lamb

2 x 500g mince Pork

2 x 500g Diced Beef

2 x 500g Diced Pork

2 x 500g Diced Chicken

4 X 500g Sliced Dry Cure back bacon 

4 x 8 Butchers Sausages 

10 x 3oz - 4oz Sirloin Minute steaks 

6 x 6oz Gammon Steaks 

8 x 7oz-8oz chicken fillets (packed in 2's)

10 x BBQ chicken drumsticks 

10 x Chinese chicken drumsticks 

10 x Garlic and herb chicken drumsticks