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Gibbins Quality Meats is a specialist supplier to the catering industry, with over 150 years’ butchery expertise.


At Gibbins Quality Meats we’re passionate about the quality and the taste of our meat.

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Our premium quality, locally sourced meat has been selected for optimum taste.

Beef – our beef comes from grass-fed cattle that have been naturally reared for the truest flavour. Our beef is mature, tender and bursting with flavour.

Pork – our premium pork comes from breeds that are slowly and naturally grown to produce meat that is succulent and packed with flavour.

Lamb – grass fed and naturally reared, our lamb is hung for 5–6 days to ensure optimum flavour and mouth-watering appearance.

Poultry – our delicious chicken and poultry comes from reputable suppliers and meets our most stringent quality control standards.

Game – we offer a full range of seasonal game products.

Bacon & Gammon – we offer a superb selection of speciality and smoked bacon and gammon products.

Sausages & Burgers – our sausages and burgers are made by combining the finest meats with natural herbs and spices. We supply a wide range of specialist sausages, all of which can be tailored to requirement.

Please call our customer order line on 01392 204898 to discuss an order or to request a full catalogue of products.