Market Report August 2015

Friday, September 4, 2015 at 11:33AM

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Meat & Poultry News - August 2015

Beef – Reports from AHDB Beef and Lamb are that cattle prices are continuing to climb as tight demand and supply drives competition for stock from the processors needing to honour their supermarket contracts. Such has been recent demand that it is even reported that out-of-spec penalties have been less harsh in recent weeks. With the barbecue season well underway the cow beef price is also climbing

Lamb – Supplies to the market via GB auction marts (the traditional way that sheep farmers market their stock) have increased (up 19% in the first two weeks of July) as early lambs born in the mild winter now reach marketable weight creating an over-supply. This has knocked on into lower prices as processors have looked to bring in stock for promotional activity. With Ramadan now over for another year the higher consumption levels which have pushed demand and thus price from Muslim consumers celebrating the breaking of the fast have now ceased which in turn may be contributing to the over-supply.

Pork –Despite the reported success of the Pulled Pork campaign which showed increased sales of 34% for shoulder joints the facts are simple, the price continues to fall with finished pig prices 29p lower than 2014 levels. Add to this, reports in the media that the British are turning away from sausages and the picture looks miserable for pig farmers. Still, every cloud etc! What this all means is that pork remains the best value for money of the red meats. Its versatility and ability to carry flavours as well as shear variety of cuts and use in so many of the world’s popular cuisines means that there has never been a better time to buy pork.

Poultry – Both Chicken and Turkey prices remain largely flat at present. There is little to indicate any significant movement for the foreseeable future as production is keeping pace with demand thereby removing any pinch points in the supply chain.
All eyes will be on the Northern Hemisphere harvest as grain is one of the key elements in the price make up for feed. That said the other key element is soya which owing to the current $ exchange rate against major currencies is currently trading up.
There are now less than 150 days to Christmas and I suggest that now is the time to start the annual turkey conversation with your suppliers. The quicker producers can have an idea on demand the more stable the price will be come December.

British Food Fortnight 19th September to 4th October 2015.

Market Report June 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015 at 09:26AM

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Meat & Poultry News - June 2015

With the UK economy continuing to perform strongly increased consumer confidence is returning to the market and, with a growth in disposable income, sales of food and frequency of dining out of the home is again growing.
As we move into the summer there are many competing factors from the weather to Ramandan, Wimbledon to increased tourism footfall all of which could impact on the price of meat and poultry.

Lamb – Over the next two months the effects of Ramadan could be felt in respect of the price of lamb. Demand for lamb will increase as UK based Muslim households celebrate this important religious festival which culminates with Eid-al-Fitr, which is a massive celebratory feast at which lamb is likely to be eaten. This spike in demand may, in the short term drive up prices. Conversely, in the months following Ramadan it is likely that there will be a surplus of New Zealand and Australian legs of lamb placed into the UK multiple retail market which is likely to be reflected in lower prices for this cut.

AHDB economists’ are reporting that UK lamb production is increasing at a time when flocks in the rest of the EU are reducing. However, the weak euro means that prices in sterling terms will need to be lower in order to generate demand from Europe. Domestically, with an improving economic outlook it is possible that consumers might be willing to spend a bit extra on treating themselves to lamb more often.

Prediction – Lamb is likely to have a bit of a roller coaster over the next couple of months and whilst carcass price will probably be stable cut prices will move around.

Beef – Throughput figures from AHDB for March show a decrease in slaughtering suggesting that supplies will tighten in the coming month. The recent fine weather has seen a drop off in demand from consumers for roasting cuts though demand for processed beef cuts such as mince and burgers have continued to rise. Increased consumer confidence should help increase demand for prime beef cuts which, with a reduced throughput could drive up prices for some cuts.

Prices, when balanced across the carcass are likely to remain relatively stable and it will be down to the creativity of chefs and caterers to stimulate demand through interesting menu items that may, given the increased frequency in eating out of the home, drive up prices later in the summer.
Pork – The price of pigs is on the floor. Add to this there is little consumer demand domestically and sales in the export markets under pressure from exchange rates and sluggish economic performance in markets such as China and the price of pork and pork products will remain flat for the foreseeable future.
There may however be some salvation in the form of the weather as the barbecue and picnic season really takes off so, provided the weather is good then demand for shoulder meat for sausages and legs for ham could just bring some value back into parts of the carcass.
Bacon remains very competitive as a European surplus of loins has seen increased processing and a return to multiple retailers offering price led promotions based around tertiary brands.
Prediction – EU intervention will prevent the price of pork going any lower and with the cost of production also stable at this time of the year the price will remain flat for the foreseeable future.

Please start to think about how you can make the most of the sales opportunities provided by:

Red Tractor Week – 14th to 20th September - www.redtractor.org.uk

British Food Fortnight – 21st September to 4th October - www.lovebritishfood.co.uk

British Sausage Week 2015 – 2nd to 8th November – www.lovepork.co.uk

Prediction –The price is unlikely to go down as this would impact on UK pig farmers and herd sizes so there is unlikely to be any price movement for the foreseeable period.

Poultry – As ever demand is strong with a combination of Ramandan (see Lamb above) and warmer weather driving sales. The recent media activity around campylobacter has been met head on by trade bodies such as the British Poultry Council and UK processors who should be congratulated for their proactive role in the FSA’s Food Safety Week and their social media led #ChickenChallenge. More information can be found at www.food.gov.uk/chickenchallenge
Prediction – As with pork the cost of production is stable at this time of the year and with ever more reliant long term weather forecasting producers will have plenty of birds ready for the summer market so prices are most likely to remain unaltered.

And Finally – Meat is so often the subject to negative media coverage and yet its nutritional profile and the benefits it contributes to a balance diet are overlooked. If you want some unbiased facts the Meat Advisory Panel MAP is a group of healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers who provide independent and objective information about red meat. For more information visit www.meatandhealth.com

Market Report May 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015 at 10:11AM

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Important Date for your diary – Ramadan 2015 will run from Sun rise on the 18th June to Sun Set on the 17th July 2015.

Beef – a combination of slower consumer demand and ample supplies of both domestic and imported beef is continuing to drive restraint among processors and place downward pressure on the prime cattle market. In mid-April the market was trading 3p down on the preceding week. This drop in prices may tempt farmers into keeping stock back on farm which may impact on slaughter condition as well as making a short term impact on supplies which may in the next period help to correct the market. What is true as ever is that whilst cost of cattle maybe down this isn’t really reducing the wholesale price of beef and as such, my short term prediction is that Beef prices will remain flat for the next month.

With a TV advertising campaign for Pulled Pork (see below) about to go live it’s a good time to add other pulled meats to the menu, especially as they go equally well with hot vegetables as they do with salad. One great recipe can be viewed at: http://www.redtractor.org.uk/pulled-beef-brisket

Lamb – With Easter now over numbers of old season lamb coming to market have increased whilst demand has remained flat thus driving auction prices down. Farmers can ill afford to keep stock back on farm as grazing is required for the new season lambs and the ewes. Of the early new season lambs which are now coming to market they are trading well below the price they were at 12 months ago in part owing to the earlier Easter. It is predicted that prices will firm as farmers manage flows of stock to market. However all this activity with live lambs has not translated into any real changes in deadweight prices and therefore my short term prediction is that lamb prices will remain flat for the next month.

Pork – UK pig meat production continues to rise, up 5% on the same period 12 months ago it standards at 69,300 per month the highest level it has been since 2000. The increase in production coupled with sluggish consumer demand has all contributed to another month of low pig prices. For the record, the increase in production has not been driven by more pigs but by heavier pigs coming to market with the average weight at 81.8Kg. The lack of demand together with the continuing impact of the strong £ verses the € bringing in imports from EU producer states has all helped to keep the price of pork low in the wholesale markets. My short term prediction is that Pork prices will remain flat for the next month.

One initiative which may affect the price is the BPEX Pulled Pork TV Advertising which will go live in May. Precedent does exist which shows that a positive image for pulled shoulder of pork on prime time TV coupled with enticing recipe ideas does drive demand up which in turn increases price for the shoulder. As shoulder meat is also used in sausage manufacture some price increases may be seen.

Poultry – The ever popular Chicken and the fantastically versatile Turkey remain excellent value for money. Feed costs which represent around 75% of the total cost of production are stable, energy costs also stable and increasing numbers of poultry houses now micro-energy generation plants through PV technology the cost of production is firm meaning that the short term prediction is for the market price is likely to be unchanged over the coming month.

Market Report April 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 10:17AM

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Important Date for your diary – Ramadan 2015 will run from Sun rise on the 18th June to Sun Set on the 17th July 2015.


Demand for prime beef cuts and minced beef from the retailers continues to slow and export sales have declined added to which the strong performance of the £ verses € has all led to an oversupply though this has yet to translate to lower wholesale prices as producers are now slowing down movement of stock into the market.
A slowdown of demand for manufacturing beef has impacted on the value of forequarter meat. However this is unlikely to impact on market prices in the short term as producers of products such as frozen burgers build stocks in anticipation of summer barbecue trade.
NOTE: Great British Beef Week 2015 – 23rd April to 3rd May
Short term prediction – Beef prices to remain flat for the next month.

With Easter fast approaching the price of lamb has held up with UK slaughtering up 11% year on year and auction markets reporting up to +5p/Kg increases taking prices over the 200p/Kg mark.
However this trend is unlikely to continue as the retailer’s complete their procurement of Easter lamb.
Exports of UK lamb to the EU are now starting to decline as a result of the strong £ verses the € which, unless new non-EU markets come in for UK product could mean some over supply which could in the short term see a reduction in farm gate prices.
Short term prediction – a small fall in farm gate and auction prices though price reductions are unlikely to be passed onto the consumer as other parts in the supply chain seek to maintain margins.

Despite the strength of the £ verses the € imports of EU pork have slowed as retailers and consumers maintain their preference for UK assured pork however, despite pork remaining the best value for money of the Red Meats demand for fresh pork cuts in all market sectors remains flat.
EU pork producers have switched their attention from supplying the UK to the more profitable and booming economies of South East Asia leading to a drop of 7% in UK exports to these markets leading to easy availability of UK assured pork in the domestic market and contract prices bottoming out at around 132.64p, some 30p down on the same period last year.

Short term predictions – With the media campaign for pulled pork kicking off demand should increase which may force prices up marginally.
With the Barbecue season about to commence demand for manufacturing pork will also increase as sausage production rises which may translate into increased prices for shoulder roasting joints.
Chicken remains the UK’s most popular protein and demand for fresh and processed products are running ahead of the rest of the meat category. That said, farmers are maintaining supply and the wholesale price is therefore flat.
One factor which may send prices up is the weather as consumers and foodservice businesses dust the cobwebs off their barbecues and drive up short term demand for breast meat and drumsticks.
Turkey prices remain low making and I would urge you to visit the British Turkey Web Site for some great recipe
ideas: www.britishturkey.co.uk

Short term prediction – The market price is likely to be unchanged over the coming month.

Market Report March 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 03:53PM

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Market report
March 2015


UK Prices have begun to firm up since the turn of the year with the average deadweight up 1p/Kg to 374.9p/Kg, their highest level for almost a year.
Consumer demand has picked up since the traditional post Christmas January slow down though interestingly, and probably as a result of the mild weather here in the UK coupled with increasing levels of consumer confidence, sales of stewing and casseroling cuts are slow with roasting joints and grilling and frying cuts buoyant. Demand for minced beef as ever remains strong.
Globally, the USA has relaxed it’s rules on imports thus drawing in high levels of prime and manufacturing beef from large scale producing countries such as Brazil and Australia. In addition, beef from the Republic of Ireland that would have traditionally come to the UK is now finding a market in the US which in turn will have the knock on effect of keeping UK prices firm.
Short term prediction – Beef prices to continue to rise up to Easter


Numbers of finished lambs for the GB auction market have dropped in the last few weeks thus driving up prices as processors seek to satisfy the demand for UK origin meat by the multiple retailers. As a result UK auction marts are reporting an increase of 4p/Kg to an average of 189.4p/Kg.
Inevitably this price increase will be reflected in the price for lamb in the foodservice market.
Imports from the Southern Hemisphere remain high though over the last 12 months there has been a shift away from New Zealand to Australian Lamb as a result of reducing flock sizes in NZ and increasing demand from new markets in China and South East Asia.
Short term prediction – With Easter at the start of April and lamb being traditionally popular at that time of the year prices will continue to increase.


Prices continue to fall as a result of over-supply owing to the EU export ban Russia and a lack of a demand response meaning that pork remains probably the best value for money protein in the UK market place.
The differential between UK and EU prices recently widened to the highest level for 4 years with the EU price dipping, albeit briefly, below 100p/Kg though by the end of January EU prices were at around 101p/Kg.
The strength of Sterling verses the Euro has also helped keep imports to the UK market attractive especially at a time when sales of manufactured pork lines such as ham and bacon remain high.
This week, 25th February, the EU announced private storage aid scheme for pork to reduce the levels of pork being offered for sale. This intervention to the supply side of the market will help to stop prices from falling lower though of course, at some point, this pork will need to return to the market so may impact on price at some point in the future.
Short term prediction – The market price is likely to remain flat up to Easter.


Retailer and meal manufacturer demand for UK chicken remains high as consumers seek the assurance of home produced poultry. Speed of production is such that supply remains strong thus keeping prices affordable for both retailers and foodservice businesses.
Feed represents 70% of the production cost of a bird. Grain harvests were high in the UK and EU as well as in other global markets during 2014 and as such the feed element of the cost of production has remained much as it is was 12 months ago. However, during that time there has been significant volatility in the cost of energy resulting in the around a 3% rise in the cost of a finished bird on this time last year. However, it looks as if this has been absorbed by the processors and not been carried across into the market price for chicken.
Short term prediction – The market price is likely to remain flat up to Easter.
Next month I will include a more in depth look at the market for Halal Meat and Poultry.

Newsletter February 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 04:04PM

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As part of our ongoing improvement programme we have had a management reorganisation to align the best of our people against workloads.
Ben Mitchell has been appointed the new role of transport manager. Bens key aims in his new role are Driver training. The areas are, customer service, eco driving and accident/damage reduction on the vans. He also wants to be more proactive on delivery issues , they do occur!! weather and traffic problems in the main.
Keith Saunders has now been appointed production manager. Keith is bringing a customer first approach to this position. One of his first actions has been to appoint 2 new extra Quality control butchers for nights and days to oversee quality.. Mark now has the key position of office manager. Working with Mark are the members of the tele sales team , Zalie, Ellen and Tom.
Tom and Ellen are both new member , Ellen currently part time as she studies psychology and sociology at Exeter College and Tom full time learning the ropes in our busy office .
We have also continued with our ongoing refit , along with the newly refurbished production floor We have had an office refurbishment , replaced all the metal security windows with inert gas double glazing and continued replacing lighting to LED with 80% coverage expected by the end of this month . Externally we have also had a refresh painting and guttering
Factory and office I.T. integration is progressing fast , we have implemented Goods in and despatch on our new I.T system. Immediate benefits to us are all traceability information is captured and flows the product right through to despatch and a paperless environment on intake .
We have 2 new vans conforming to the latest Euro V emissions standards arriving in Early November . vans were selected on whole life costs , co2 emisions and miles per gallon and load .
Our Dry aged 28 day matured Beef is going strong , with full traceability supplied and a selection process that only takes the best grades available from local Farms . This Beef is quality specific rather than breed specific to give the best eating quality second to none .
We are continuing to supply Pork and Freerange Eggs from the Gibbins Farm at Poltimore .

Market report:
Prices are generally stable on British Pork , whilst Dutch and Danish Bacon and Gammon prices have fallen
Indications via the meat industry is for strong prices in English Lamb , this has not happened with prices at a similar low to last year
Beef prices have made small recovery but remain at a lower rate than last year . Although Quality South West Beef is harder to source as the latest sell offs of larger westcountry slaughterhouses continues and quality product is stripped out from local supply .
Chicken prices are staying firm for the time being with no movement over the last couple of months.
Turkey prices are also firm, however the market predictions are for a strong price at Christmas . Generally Turkey prices are talked up at Christmas and fail to occur !

August Bank Holiday

Monday, August 18, 2014 at 05:59PM

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We would like to inform all our valued customers that this August bank holiday we shall be trading as normal!

Best wishes from everyone here at
J&A Gibbins!

1000 Mile Cycle Challenge For Hospiscare - Completed!

Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 12:06PM

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Dear Customer,

As you know back in October last year, myself and a group of 5 other lads from Exeter University did the 1000 mile cycle for Hospiscare in 10 days, (Lands’ End to John ‘o’ Groats the longer way).

It’s taken a bit of time to finalise the totals for you but with your very kind support we have raised £15040.94 for Hospiscare and what initially was a very daunting task of doing 100 miles day after day turned out to be one of the highlights of my life.

Hospiscare is now looking after Reg Hawkins who was our longest serving employee and who`s wife still works for us , the support they are giving to both of them is nothing short of amazing and my own experience of Hospiscare has been the same

This letter is to give you the biggest thank you to all of you that supported me on this venture and try to convey to you the strength of gratitude I feel for your kind support.

Kind Regards

Paul Gibbins

Sponsors Support Cycle Challenge

Friday, September 21, 2012 at 10:57AM

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With just over a week to go until Paul Gibbins will begin pedalling the gruelling 1000 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats for Hospiscare, we’d like to thank the following companies for their support:

Alec Jarrett Ltd
Cobalt Computers (Exeter)
Creedy Carver (Crediton)
Devon Contract Waste
N.F.U insurance Exeter
Severn Poultry
Tican (Exeter)
Weddel Swift (Exeter)

“I’m so grateful to all our sponsors for their generosity. The support we’ve received has been incredible. Hospiscare is an amazing charity and this cycle ride is really important to continue to raise funds to keep up their invaluable work” said Paul.

Paul will be joined on the cycle challenge by five other amateur cyclists who are based at the University of Exeter and who will cycle in memory of their colleague Karen Foggett to raise funds for Hospiscare.

“We’ve got an ambitious target of raising £10,000 – we know it won’t be easy, but we’ve been training hard to ensure we all do the best we can” added Paul.

Paul and his fellow team members are all keen cyclists of varying abilities, and have been training hard in preparation for the challenge. Paul’s training programme over the last few months has seen him pedal up to 300 miles a week in readiness for the 1st October.

The team will each cycle the 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats over ten days from 1-10 October 2012.

You can follow the team’s progress on Facebook facebook.com/KarenFoggettMemorialChallenge or via the Twitter feed twitter.com/UoECycleE2E

Anyone wishing to donate can do so via: justgiving.com/PaulGibbins-Hospiscare

Paul’s ten day cycle challenge starts on 1st October will fundraise for the Devon charity, Hospiscare who supply specialised nursing to the terminally ill in Exeter, mid and east Devon.

1000 Mile Cycle Challenge For Hospiscare

Friday, August 17, 2012 at 09:54AM

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J&A Gibbins has committed to fundraise for the Devon charity, Hospiscare, by taking part in a grueling 1000 mile cycle challenge.

Paul Gibbins, partner at J&A Gibbins, has pledged his support to personally take on a ten day ordeal in which he will cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise funds for the charity who supply specialised nursing to the terminally ill in Exeter, mid and east Devon.

Paul commented: “Hospiscare is incredible. Through experiences with my own family, I have witnessed the invaluable care and support they provide and I cannot think of a more deserving cause to fundraise for. I am extremely enthusiastic about taking part in the challenge to raise money for such a worthwhile charity.”

Paul will be joined on the cycle challenge by five other amateur cyclists who are based at University of Exeter and who will cycle in memory of their colleague Karen Foggett to raise funds for Hospiscare.

The team will each cycle the 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats over ten days from 1-10 October 2012.

Paul and his fellow team members are all keen cyclists of varying abilities, but will have to train hard to be able to cope with the ten-day challenge. Paul’s already working hard on his training programme which will see him pedaling up to 300 miles a week in readiness for the 1st October.

The six cyclists are self funded in the main and, working closely with Hospiscare, are inviting support from other organisations and suppliers to become part of the challenge team as a corporate partner. There are four corporate partnership support packages available and J&A Gibbins encourage interested parties to contact Paul on T.01392 204898 to discuss ways in which they can support the cycle challenge for Hospiscare or donate via www.justgiving.com/PaulGibbins-Hospiscare

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